Sunday, July 18, 2010

National Lampoon's Cuban Vacation

This week, we headed to south Texas to visit the Cuban side of our family. We got to see everyone, ate LOTS of great food (doing way too much of that lately), and had a really wonderful time. Everything moves a little more slowly down there, so it was really nice to slow down and get away from our day-to-day routine. Albert's parents were perfect hosts and stocked the whole house with goodies and surprises -- including THREE dozen red roses for our anniversary!

Sandra's kids, Logan & Ava -- little models!


Meant to be a mom said...

I love these pictures. Your niece and nephew are adorable. I love little Ava's big brown eyes in that last picture.
I'm glad you had a great trip. Three dozen roses! Wow! How sweet of his parents.

Sandra Hill said...

I'm so glad we got to see you guys and spend some time together. Hope it's not to long before we see you again. Love the picture of Codie & Ava...super cute! Probably next time Ava will be running around Love ya!

Shannon R said...

It looks like you guys had a lot fun. I am glad you made it home safe. Three dozen roses is awesome. The children are so cute. I am sure you guys had a blast seeing all the family. We need to get together soon.

Anonymous said...

Well it was great to have you all for ourselves during those few days, and we enjoy very hard to see you go, is like we want to stop time and never release those moments, but them reality comes into place and Puff...goodbye, we treasured every second because you are greatly loved,
kisses Pa-mom

RoddyG said...

Aww looks like a good time Codie! P.S. I heard about your new job opportunity CONGRATS and YAAAAAY YOU'RE FREE!!!

I hope your new endeavors are blessed ones!